When it come to Cassia, the two famous one should be those from China and Vietnam. As they look nearly the same, will you be able to tell them a part?

First, let’s go from the outside in.

No alt text provided for this imageIf you bought a Cassia Cinnamon bark, which comes with their skin (rind), it would be an easy catch. Because, our friendly Lichens will come to rescue.
No Lichens, they are from China.
Lichens, they are from Vietnam.

However, not each individual piece of Cassia from Vietnam contents Lichens, so please judge them in whole, not in part.

“What if Lichens can not help me? My cassia is skinless.” I got cigar cassia, long stick cassia, round cut/square cut without skin, etc.

Then you should rely on their color. China ones should come with a brown and reddish color. Meaning while, the Vietnam ones come with a brighter yellow color.

No alt text provided for this image

However, “What if? What if I got Cassia said it was Vietnamese, but it was brown and reddish? Is it possible?”

Yes, it is possible. The longer the Vietnam Cassia is stored, the darker / more brown it becomes.

At that moment, this is your last resort.


Feel it, and taste it.

The China Cinnamon Cassia should taste the same as the Vietnam one, warm and spicy in nature. It is just one thing that you get from the Vietnamese one but from Chinese one. The sweet sensation.

The Chinese Cassia is sweet, but it’s not that sweet. You will need a spoonful to have a sweet taste of it.

On the other side, with just a small amount, like a pinch of sugar, you will definitely feel the sweet of Vietnamese one.

That’s the biggest distinctive feature, which distinguish Vietnamese Cassia Cinnamon from Chinese Cassia Cinnamon.

Thank you very much for your support for reading up till this point.

Hope that my article will help you in purchasing your favorite Cassia Cinnamon.

See you in other articles or even in person.

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