Grass Cardamom

Grass Cardamom

Grass Cardamom

* Place of origin: Vietnam
* Type: Semen Alpiniae Katsumadai
* Moisture: 13.5% max
* Impurity: 1% max
* Black & broken: 1% max
* Volatile oil: >1%
* Packing: 30kg/PP bag
* Loading: 11mt/20DC and 25mts/40HC

Mô tả

Botanical name:
Alpinia katsumadai (syn. Alpinia hainanensis)

Parts used:

Temperature & Taste:
Warm, dry. Pungent, Aromatic

J. Aromatics that Resolve Dampness




1. Warms the Stomach, Moves Qi, Dries Damp:
-fullness, distention, and cold pain in the stomach or abdomen
-epigastric distention, loss of appetite
-used for Cold-Damp-Phlegm obstructing chest or abdomen

2. Warms the Stomach, Stops Vomiting:
-Belching, Nausea, Vomiting

Not used for Yin and Blood deficiency